2008 Boys White - Coach Brian D'Andrade

2018 AAYSA BU11:2 Champions

Please contact me at briandandrade@hotmail.com if your son is interested in playing with our team.  A little bit about me. I earned an E-license from the U.S. Soccer Federation and I have been coaching with BBGC for about 2.5 years including 1.5 years with the County team: Biography

In Fall 2018, our team played in the AAYSA Division 2 league (AAYSA rules are below); we play tournaments and we play futsal. We are striving to progress up to play in more advanced leagues. We plan to play in Central Maryland Short Sided League (CMSSL) Division 2, then play in the Baltimore Beltway Soccer League (BBSL).  Hopefully, our team members will play together for several years and the team will recruit new talent until 2025, so we can progress.

The purpose of the Bowie Boys and Girls Club shall be to promote the general welfare, health, and education of the youth of our community by providing a properly supervised athletic program; to develop principals of good sportsmanship; to acquaint them with the value of law observance; to provide instruction in the fundamentals of all sports and athletic activities; to foster interests among the citizens of our community in their responsibility to our youth; and to prepare our youth to be better citizens in the future.

This team provides an opportunity for young boys (girls) to play in a league to learn the rules (FIFA laws of the game linked below), styles, and love of soccer. We have tryouts at least every year and players earn their spot on the team each year.  We play 9v9 for U11 and there are about 12 spots on the team.  In the 2020/2021 seasons, we will eventually play 11v11 for U13 and there will be about 15 spots. It is a volunteer run club unlike a Football Club (FC) with paid coaches who have a lot more time, experience and training (e.g. C and D licensed staff). A player's development will depend heavily on their initiative to develop outside of practice, which are typically limited to 1-3 hrs per week with good weather. There are a number of other clubs and academies that play and practice in the Anne Arundel Region and near Bowie that are linked here: MSYSA Olympic Development ProgramLiverpool FCBowie Youth Soccer Association, Maryland United FC, Soccer Association of Columbia.  Those a few other opportunities for kids interested in more intense (more cost, more time commitment, more expectations of players, etc.) year-long programs. Our team heavily relies on the participation and support of parents who may be assistant coaches or administrators.

There are other volunteer organizations that may offer competitive registration prices but FC annual registration prices may be about $1,500 or more.

Besides seasonal registration in BBGC for $150/season, our costs include tournaments. For Fall 2018, we will play in the Arundel Cup (~$320/team) and the November Cup ($450/team). For winter 2019, we hope to play futsal in Odenton Futsal (~$700/team).  For Spring 2019, we may enter the Chesapeake Cup and the Memorial Cup. The more touches on the ball during tournament, league games and scrimmages improve the performance of players, since it is the main time that they develop an intuition for the game.

The total cost for gear that lasts about 2 years is ~$200 . Here is the breakdown on some costs: socks are $10, two numbered shirts (one black and one orange) are $27 each, pants are $20, goalie shirt (if applicable) is $60, goalie gloves are $26 (gloves), a size 4 soccer ball is ~$20, ball pump (I like this one, Ball Pump) firm-ground soccer cleats are $20-$150, indoor soccer shoes if participating in futsal is $35 and shin guards (I like these Shin Guards) are ~$20.  We get our uniforms from Soccer.com. When a player is selected for the team, I put their names into a roster on that site and an email will be sent out for you to get their mandatory and optional gear. Soccer.com tends to have high prices for general gear so shop around.

Training Resources
There are a lot of YouTube videos on soccer drills. I compiled some of the drills in this soccer drills playlist
Here is a video playlist on futsal rules.
The Coerver training app is very helpful: Drill App.  Coerver runs several training camps that have helped our players: Coerver 
There are some excellent quizzes (some have video) on the laws of the game: Quiz. Read the laws available on this site and then try to answer the questions.

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