2010 U8 Boys Red - Coach Lyndon Lewis

Our U8 Boys White team is coached by Eric Elliott, who previously ran the Strikers Intramural Age Group.  We are looking for boys that are energetic and really want to learn to play the game of soccer, while having a positive experience.

My coaching philosophy for youth soccer is that your child will learn how to play the game properly, which includes proper foot skills, field awareness, and an understanding of passing triangles, which allows us to transition up the field.  Most importantly, I strive for them to have fun, while enjoying the great game of soccer.

Tryouts for the Fall Season are on May 21st in Allen Pond on the Murtagh 2 grass field and May 31st from 5:30 to 7 pm at Allen Pond on the Houston field.

Tryouts/Team Expectations/Thoughts:

·         There are no guaranteed spots on this team so please have your player ready to put forward maximum effort at each tryout. 

·         Practices are tentative for Mondays and Thursdays from 5:30 -6:45.

·         I am looking for at least an 85% commitment to the team.  This means missing no more than one game and/or a couple practices for the entire season.

·         I am not a hardcore coach but do highly appreciate communication and advance notice.

·         We require hard work and good listening, while still ensuring the game is fun and enjoyable for everyone.

·         Our league requires 25% minimum playing time unless there are discipline issues/reasons

·         The games are 7V7, 25 minute halves

·         I plan on carrying 10 or 11 players this season.

·         There is a $150 county fee for each player selected to the team.  This covers all team costs.

·         We will likely play in one end of season tournament.


Please consider the above carefully before accepting a position on the team.  I will make contact with each of you in the next few weeks to let you know of my decision.  Please remember that BBGC has a good intramural program that would love to help your child gain additional skill to tryout again for the team.

Thank you for considering BBGC soccer!

Coach Lyndon Lewis