U4 - U6, Mini Kickers

 U4, 5, & 6
Age Director
 1/31/2014 - 1/1/2012Benjamin Starrminikickers@bowiesoccer.com

The U4 - 6, mini kickers program consists of (some 3), 4, and 5 yr olds.  The mini-kickers is our youngest age group to begin soccer.  We will split this age group into two leagues because it is such a large group with varying abilities.

In this age group, we emphasize that each player should enjoy their soccer experience and want to come back again next week and next season.  We teach our young players the basic principles of not using the hands, and direction to score.  We do this by coaching indirectly through fun games/activities, like running with the ball, changing direction with the ball, and kicking the ball with different parts of the foot.

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